Matt Arnzen

Email isn’t dead yet

I often hear about the death of email. Sure, we all get way too much but it’s still a very valid medium to send your message. Advancements in segmentation and content personalization continue to make email a very effective channel that has proven ROI.

Adobe recently commissioned a survey of 400 U.S. white collar workers about their use of personal and work email. As you can see in the infographic below, email is still being used by many people, has triple digit ROI and a short payback. Check it out.


Design a logo like a pro

I saw this video on my social feeds this week and watched with great interest. It really breaks down the design process to show the creative steps Aaron Draplin goes through designing awesome logos. I was surprised to see that I design in a very similar way (constantly copying and iterating). I thought I was the only one that worked this way.

It’s worth the watch.

Aaron Draplin Takes On a Logo Design Challenge from on YouTube.

What I’m reading this week – 12/13/2013

It’s Friday the 13th! No scary links here… just my favorite digital marketing articles I’ve been reading the week.

8 things CMOs should know about CDOs takes a look at the increased popularity of the chief digital officer role and how it will influence how CMOs and organisations engage with their customers

Chief Digital Officer: Fad or Future?
From Forester Research, a article on the emerging role of the Chief Digital Officer in digital leadership.

4 Ways to Shorten Your Sales Cycle
From the Online Marketing Institute, Part 3 of a three part series on getting and converting sales leads.  (See post 1 and post 2.)

The AllSeen Alliance comes together to fulfill the promise of the ‘Internet of Things’
By 2015, six billion objects in the world will be connected to the internet. If you haven’t heard the term “Internet of Things” yet, please check out this article. is your company or service prepared?

What are the most coveted digital marketing skills for 2014?

The Online Marketing Institute just completed a their 2014 State of Digital Marketing Talent study, where they asked 747 advertising and Fortune 500 marketing executives which digital marketing skills they value the most, and which skills their talent actually possess. OMI prepared this handy infographic highlighting the needs and gaps in talent.

If you are looking for digital marketing talent in Portland, Oregon, please drop me a line and check out my resume. I’m actively looking for new opportunities. my strengths match up well with the skills needed from the OMI study. I have deep experience across all digital marketing tactics as well as analytics.

Digital Marketing Skills and Talent Infographic

Digital Marketing Skills and Talent Gap

Are you keeping up with Google?

Google has been on a tear recently. With over 500 updates to their algorithm each year, trying to have an effective SEO strategy and execution is a challenge. Rand Fishkin from Moz breaks it down in this great presentation on how marketers can scale with the updates and shifts Google makes on a regular basis, and how to be successful with SEO in 2013.

What I'm reading this week – 9/25/13

Here are my favorite digital marketing articles I’ve been reading the week of 9/25/2013.

What I'm reading this week – 8/7/13

Here are my favorite digital marketing articles I’ve been reading the week of 8/7/13.