Are you keeping up with Google?

Google has been on a tear recently. With over 500 updates to their algorithm each year, trying to have an effective SEO strategy and execution is a challenge. Rand Fishkin from Moz breaks it down in this great presentation on how marketers can scale with the updates and shifts Google makes on a regular basis, and how to be successful with SEO in 2013.


  1. It’s crazy how many algo changes happen per year! But it keeps digital marketers honest in their online practices. What do you think the biggest challenge digital marketers will have in 2014??

  2. Charise, I would say one of the biggest challenge is continuing to stay on top of all of the new technologies/algorithm changes that will come out next year.

  3. With the presence of Google’s updates, it has become more difficult to optimize your website. Now it is very important to write excellent, unique, interesting and informative contents and update your blogs consistently so that more people rushed in your website. Buidling quality backlinks is very necessary and biggest challenge in 2014 too. Be natural in your SEO campaign and get top position on search engines.